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Feline Frenzy



We Think Cats Are Wonderful…And Our Name Says it All…We Are Crazy About Cats!!!

  • CPPS Certified Professional Pet Sitter
  • CFTBS Feline Behavior Certification from Purdue University
  • Certified in Fear Free TM “Taking the Pet Out of Petrified”
  • Certified in First Aid Pet
  • Insured and Bonded
  • Experienced Administering Meds and Injections (Insulin)

Feline Frenzy Cat Care

Our name says it all…….we are crazy about cats!!!! We are cat parents for cat parents. We are cat care specialists and have extended our training specifically in the feline arena.

For as long as we can remember, we have lived with and adored cats. Our experience with kittens and cats and being “owned by cats” for over 40 years each, is extensive. From kittens only weeks old, confident adults, and our true passion senior felines (for over 12 years we adopted only kitties over the age of 10), we are versed in all cat care.

Lori, co-founder of Feline Frenzy, with her husband Bill, has been referred to on many, many occasions as the “Cat Whisperer of North County”. She has a connection with every cat that crosses her path, and has been able to comfort and befriend even the scardiest of cats. “Some new clients will say, you’ll probably never see my kitty while I am gone” and yet within only a visit or two, we are the best of friends. “I am sure that they can tell how much I love cats and feel safe with me”. I would rather spend time with cats than any other thing I do, says Lori. They all make me so happy.

While most pet sitting companies out there focus on dogs, and will care for cats as part of their predominantly canine business, we wanted to focus exclusively on cats.

Being pet parents to over 8 senior cats over the years, we have been trained extensively on their well being and medical needs as they age slow down. We can administer any pills or liquid oral meds; even the most difficult client, give injections; insulin or vitamins and also administer subcutaneous fluids. Lori is also certified in Fear Free TM, (Taking the Pet out of Petrified), and holds a CFTBS Feline Behavior Certification from Purdue University.