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California Wildfires Pets and the Unsung Heroes

Historic California Wildfires

Weeks of epic California wildfires have been literally a war zone of mass devastation for the beautiful State of California.  So many people and wildlife living in the fire zones in Southern and Northern California have lost everything, their homes, their precious pets, their possessions and sadly, some have lost their lives.

Long time residents of Oceanside California, these particular wild fires did not impact our family, friends or pets, although almost one year ago on December 7th, 2017 a wild fire hit one of our neighboring cities, Fallbrook California. Our family and pet sitting service were one of the lucky ones that were not affected by the horrific fire destruction.  We were packed up and ready to go, but did not have to evacuate.  We couldn’t even imagine what the people of Fallbrook went through. Our hearts were broken for them.

Historic California wildfires continue to burn, and there are so many unsung heroes that we would like to give thanks to. Above all the heroic firefighters, responders and many, many volunteers.

There have been so many people working behind the scenes.  One of them is our dear friend Christine Arevalo, Founder of Burton’s Pride located in Oceanside, California.  Burton’s Pride is an animal rescue not limited to a particular species, breed or disaster.  If animals are in need, like right now, Burton’s Pride will step up and take action with precise planning and strategic organization.  Their top priority is staying true to their mission: Informing and educating with kindness and compassion, by building awareness and empowering others to take action from where they are.

Burton’s Pride was appointed by the authorities managing first response as the official collection for fire relief donations and needed supplies. Christine Arevalo, has been extremely busy over the last week sending money to the front line folks who are in need of fuel for their big trucks, hay, animal feed and supplies and anything else that is needed to support the people caring for all the animals.  And now Burton’s Pride needs OUR help, like never before.  Please help this amazing group to get life saving funds to the rescues on the front lines.  Burton’s Pride is a non-profit 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax deductable.  Please include a note regarding “fire relief”.

Thank You in advance for your compassionate action.  Tax id: 81-4991172

Burton’s Pride is Working With The Woolsey Fire Incident Commander To Collect Donations For Critical Animal Rescue Efforts.

“Saving just one animal won’t change the world……but it will surely change the world for that one animal”

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